Month: June 2012

White Paper: The Power Of Clinical Data Gap Analysis
June 28, 2012 Blog Post Snowfish

Through clinical data gap analysis, a company can determine if it is truly necessary to follow the common paths being taken by the competition, jump on the next important clinical use, and uncover very useful data that already exists and can be instrumental to further product growth. This paper provides insights based on years of

Strategic Partnerships For Product Development: Cast A Wide Net To Identify Potential Partners
June 21, 2012 Blog Post Snowfish

I am excited about the significant opportunities life science companies and research institutions have to work together to commercialize new molecules and treatments. Forming these strategic partnerships is a critical undertaking, and much time and money can be wasted if it’s not done well. I want to share with you the essential elements for identifying

Strategic Partnerships For Product Development: Research Institutions
June 1, 2012 Blog Post Snowfish

We are all aware of the tremendous challenges the life science industry is facing. This industry is at a critical juncture and we need to do things differently if we want to survive. I’m passionate about the life sciences and I see many opportunities. I’m all about innovation and doing things differently because we have