Month: August 2012

A Beacon Of Innovation: Tysabri Label Change Identifies Patients At Risk For PML
August 24, 2012 Blog Post Snowfish

The life sciences industry is certainly experiencing stormy seas. However, today, the industry can celebrate a victory in the battle for innovation. Biogen’s approved label change for Tysabri will make it easier for physicians to identify patients at highest and lowest risk of developing progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML), a deadly brain infection linked to the drug. It’s

10 Questions To Ask Yourself When Hiring A Consulting Firm For The Life Sciences Industry
August 20, 2012 Blog Post Snowfish

The life science industry is facing tremendous challenges, and you don’t need to face them alone. There are numerous management consulting firms that will help you tackle your most pressing challenges. Management consulting firms can provide deep insights and analytical abilities, unique processes for overcoming challenges, and needed resources to solve pressing business issues. Hiring

Successfully Managing Strategic Partnerships For Product Development
August 18, 2012 Blog Post Snowfish

I’m a strong proponent of partnerships with life science companies and research institutions. I’m motivated by the inherent synergies of these partnerships, and the opportunities they represent to expedite drug development cycles and lengthen the amount of patent exclusivity once on the market. The main objective of these partnerships is to spur innovation and ultimately

Strategic Partnerships For Product Development: Identify Ideal Potential Partners
August 9, 2012 Blog Post Snowfish

In previous blog posts I made a strong point to look at research institutions as potential partners for product development and encouraged life science companies to “cast a wide net” when evaluating potential partners. Just as important to “casting a wide net” is refining the information once institutions are identified to develop a list of potential partners