Month: September 2013

Predicting Product Demand: Leveraging An Integrated Approach
September 26, 2013 Blog Post Snowfish

The analytics team at Snowfish has worked with multiple life science companies helping identify patterns in large quantities of data. As part of our offerings we have assisted companies in demand planning. Predicting and planning for demand is a common and critical challenge pharmaceutical companies confront. Multiple factors can affect demand including the product category

Personalized Medicine, What’s The Future?
September 5, 2013 Blog Post Snowfish

Personalized medicine is currently one of the hottest areas in life sciences, imparting significant levels of excitement among venture capitalists, life science companies, clinicians and patients. It even has its own journal that “translates recent genomic, genetic and proteomic advances into the clinical context.” As Snowfish has had the privilege of working with genomics companies,