Month: December 2014

Merck’s Weight Management Business – A Patient Centered Model
December 15, 2014 Blog Post Snowfish

The future of healthcare dictates that in order to survive, life science companies need to figure out ways to become more patient centric. In a prior article, I equated patient centricity not with a patient-oriented digital strategy but with non-drug/device products or services that complement the therapies. These business lines take into consideration such aspects

New Paradigm: Patient-Centered Care
December 12, 2014 Blog Post Snowfish

“Patient-centered care” when I originally heard that this is where healthcare is headed, my knee-jerk reaction was health care has always been about the patient, how is this any different? I questioned whether this was a new term or someone stating the obvious. As a former clinician having worked in multiple clinical settings, I was

Mid-Level Providers: How Much Do You Know?
December 7, 2014 Blog Post Snowfish

In honor of National Nurses Week, we thought it would be appropriate to showcase nurse practitioners (NP) as well as other mid-level providers. For a growing number of patients, the clinician in the white lab coat taking their history, examining them, ordering tests, and prescribing their treatment will not be a physician, but an NP,