Month: June 2018

As Companies Tackle “Age-Related Diseases”, How Much Do We Know About Geriatricians?
June 27, 2018 Blog Post Snowfish

Caring for older adults: Important stakeholders for pharma It is encouraging to hear the news of further investment  – $1B to be exact – into extending research collaboration between AbbVie and Calico focused on developing innovative therapies for “age-related diseases”. This partnership is evidence of the growing industry movement to embrace the differences across the lifespan and focus

Don’t Use Prescription Data To Identify Key Opinion Leaders: 5 Reasons
June 20, 2018 Blog Post Snowfish

Over the years we have heard a number of concerns regarding KOLs from company employees: “I am worried that if he is asked how to use it, what will he say”?  “She is not loyal to us”.  “I don’t know why he is up there [speaking], he never prescribes our product”.  These are the concerns

Stakeholder Deep Dive: Is There More Than A Doctor In The House?
June 14, 2018 Blog Post Snowfish

A recent Snowfish post discussed the virtues of stakeholder engagement and the advantages afforded to companies who invest in mapping their own stakeholder landscapes. While we touched upon the endless number of stakeholder categories, the nuances within them was way more than a single article could handle. We will be publishing a series of posts which will

Staking Out Success In Pharma New Product Planning
June 12, 2018 Blog Post Snowfish

  Stakeholder engagement The stakeholder universe is way more complicated than that. Unlike years past, we have finally come to the realization that physicians are not the be-all-end-all and that optimal disease prevention and management requires a collaborated effort of interventions and disciplines. It truly “takes a village”. Further adding to the complexity is that