Month: July 2019

A single-payer system: How does impact the medical landscape?
July 30, 2019 Blog Post Snowfish

A revolution is afoot and the disrupting waves are influencing all sectors. The mystery is how all of this will play out on the national stage. A recent survey by Reuters shows that close to 70% of US citizens are in favor of the single-payer health care compared to the current system. Per Bernie Sanders,

Stopping the “rebate trap”: Senator Grassley’s legislative goals for reducing US drug prices
July 18, 2019 Blog Post Snowfish

Just last week, the Trump administration delivered some surprising news. One of their flagship promises, to remove drug rebates related to Medicare and Medicaid, was being shelved. An array of reasons cited ranged from risk of higher insurance premiums to a potential upheaval of the entire system. However, there are still some who are convinced

Gene therapy commercial challenges: Are we ready?
July 16, 2019 Blog Post Snowfish

Gene and cell therapies Nothing is more exciting in medicine today than cell and gene therapy (CGT). Not that long ago, it was considered science fiction that a patient’s own cells could actually be modified to fight disease. This is now possible and destined to radically alter a disease course. Being such a new therapy,

Prescriber, payer, pharmacy benefit manager, and retailer under one roof – The CVS-Aetna merger
July 2, 2019 Blog Post Snowfish

Now that the merger between CVS Health and Aetna is final, there is no better time to update our prior article which provided some interesting tidbits about the retail clinic business. There is no doubt that this marriage of two health care behemoths will generate a lot of upheaval in the public domain. Many stakeholders