Month: March 2020

The intersection of KOLs, advocacy groups and social media in the age of the COVID-19 crisis
March 26, 2020 Blog Post Snowfish

The “critical triad” of two key stakeholders and social media This past fall, we published a blog post titled “The Intersection of KOLs, Advocacy Networks, and Social Media.” As the world lives through COVID-19, the practice of engaging key stakeholders and leveraging social media is as important as ever. As we have already stated, right

Your Critical KOL Identification And Mapping Questions: Answered
March 23, 2020 Blog Post Snowfish

Over the past two decades we have worked with leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies around the world to identify and map the key opinion leaders (KOL) that best fit their particular needs and objectives. Over time we have heard a variety of questions ranging from why they should perform KOL identification and mapping to best

Expanding the medical landscape in breast cancer treatment: Personalized medicine
March 10, 2020 Blog Post Snowfish

Balancing the cure with the care When a pharmacy employee asked whether she’d like to donate during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, comedian Nicole Osborne, a stage four breast cancer survivor, joked, “No, I’m pretty aware.” Osborne is living far longer than anyone predicted and receives standing ovations at Stand Up NY performances. Still, behind every