Why innovate your approach to clinical trial recruitment?

The practice of medicine relies on clinical evidence. From a product’s conception through approval, launch, and post launch activities, clinical evidence is the rationale for a product’s overall existence. Clinical data is critical for differentiation and ultimately, market acceptance. Effective recruitment is paramount to rapid completion of clinical trials and disseminating critical product data.

Unfortunately when it comes to patient recruitment, many companies continue to do much of the same – medical records, hospital-based registries and other data sources, outreach through e-mails and alerts to physicians and patients, social media and public events – with the same mediocre outcomes. Albert Einstein is widely credited with saying, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

Snowfish uses unstructured data to enhance your recruitment efforts. This unique approach will help your company:

  • Identify the most ideal clinical trial sites
  • Target populations that may be referred to established clinical trial sites
  • Engage organizations who share your objectives and are willing to help create awareness of clinical trials.
  • Link the relevant groups and organizations to outreach activities
  • Create a feedback loop to understand what is working and what is not
Snowfish Differentiators

Ultimately, this will improve results by using quantitative expertise and clinical understanding to identify key groups interested in a given disease state. We have an astute ability to see the potential that various stakeholder groups can bring to recruitment efforts and what it takes to translate this into action. We have also developed a closed loop system that enables our clients to improve results based off feedback and results from various clinical trial sites.