SmartMap KOL | Quality Key Opinion Leader Identification & Mapping

SmartMap KOL is a comprehensive KOL Identification and Mapping solution geared towards life science professionals seeking to maximize the success of their product. With SmartMap KOL, you’ll:

SmartMap KOL provides your company high quality KOLs that you can easily integrate into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. From one to however many KOLs your firm needs, we believe in quality. In a typical KOL Identification and Mapping project, we will identify thousands of potential KOLs and less than 2% make the final cut. In addition to providing in depth profiles of the KOLs, we segment experts and display linkages between KOLs.

Snowfish does not outsource any work. You can rest assured that the Snowfish team does the entire project.

In contrast to our competitors, we do not believe in a one-sized-fits-all software solution. In our two decades in business, numerous clients have tasked us with redoing solely software-based KOL Mappings. While a software solution may be appealing based on price, firms ultimately spend more redoing the mapping. KOL Mappings should last.

Ultimately, the difference in SmartMap KOL is in the detailed profiling and comprehensive data integration. Snowfish leverages unique sources and algorithms during the mapping, but, unlike our competitors, we also include the human factor. The human factor refers to an understanding of the nuances of the disease state and product as well as certain idiosyncrasies among particular specialties. This cannot be done with an automated-only approach.

When you partner with us, you partner with a pioneer in KOL Identification and Mapping. You join the ranks of clients such as Sanofi, Medtronic, Otsuka, and Jazz Pharmaceuticals who have deemed our results superior to other KOL solutions. You maximize the success of your product.

“I have done five KOL identification and mapping projects with various vendors. Yours is the only one I regularly use.”
VP of Marketing
Sanofi Aventis

You maximize the success of your product.

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