Why master the Advocacy Group landscape?

Whether it is clinical guideline endorsement, policy development, educational programs or creating widespread awareness, Advocacy Groups are critical players. While it goes without saying that life science companies should cultivate strong relationships, a one-size-fits-all approach is not the way to go. It leads to multiple dead ends and hours of wasted time.

A custom mapping and profiling of the Advocacy Group landscape provides:

  • The particular organizations with shared objectives with respect to disease state, product and company along with a willingness to work with industry
  • Key aspects of the groups that are not as aligned or friendly, but vital to the widespread acceptance of a therapy.
  • Not only will companies know the WHO with respect to collaboration, but the HOW.

Snowfish Differentiators

Mapping and profiling the Advocacy Group landscape demands strategic, analytical, and clinical expertise that forms that basis of our capabilities. Our “scorched-earth” method uncovers both the usual and not so usual organizations and then applies well-designed criteria to narrow this down to the essential network. This is followed by a deep dive into each organization which translates to a more informed outreach and engagement. We have conducted world-wide projects for products that encompass the United States, Europe, and Asia as part of a single analysis.