Advocacy Group Mapping

Partner with Snowfish on Advocacy Group Mapping

  • Leverage our 20+ years of experience as an industry leading KOL Identification & Mapping provider to help your team engage professional societies and advocacy groups that are aligned with your objectives;
  • Integrate advocacy groups with other entities such as KOLs, government agencies and policy makers; 
  • Engage our highly specialized skills that incorporate business, clinical, information technology to drive results;
  • Uncover unique organizations that affect adoption and change;
  • Benefit from our unbiased recommendations.


“Now that the project is complete, I want you to know how impressed I have been with the quality as well as the challenging turnaround time of the deliverable. I have done this sort of project before (KOL mapping) and your team compares very favorably with other vendors I have worked with. Congratulations on an excellent job"

Senior Director, Commercial Analytics,