Why analyze the stakeholder landscape?

We all talk about the importance of “stakeholders” in product success and the need to build a network. This is easier said than done. Indeed an effective stakeholder network is one that goes well beyond the obvious. Additionally, understanding the role that each stakeholder group plays in a particular market and the individuals within it is critical to ensuring a company or product’s acceptance into that market.

What Stakeholder Analysis will accomplish:
  • Identify and determine the potential impact of key trends within the industry.
  • Build a robust network of groups and individuals representing clinicians, patients, government, other commercial entities, and local resources (e.g., support groups).
  • Uncover critical stakeholders that you never considered.
  • Understand if and how key stakeholders engage with industry.
  • Design a plan to effectively engage the various groups within the stakeholder network.
  • Leverage the linkages between the various entities for optimal engagement.
Snowfish Differentiators

Snowfish approaches stakeholder analysis by taking a fresh look into what is truly going on in a particular disease state and tackles it from many facets. Our philosophy is that optimal disease management goes well beyond specialists and therapy. Rather it encompasses many components that are related to multiple influences that drive care and clinical decision making.