KOL Strategy & Engagement Planning

Key Opinion Leader Strategy and Engagement Planning

Life science companies conduct KOL mapping to inform stakeholder collaborations. Once a list is generated, the approach tends to be generic and yield sub-optimal results. Snowfish provides a solution based on over 20 years and hundreds of stakeholder engagements.

The solution is a solid KOL strategy and custom KOL engagement plan. This ensures that the KOL mapping is focused on the right individuals and that the relationships are optimized through targeted engagements. With Snowfish KOL Strategy and Engagement Planning, you’ll:

Ultimately, the difference in Snowfish KOL Strategy and Engagement Planning is in our multi-faceted approach, detailed profiling, creativity, and decades of industry experience. Snowfish leverages unique sources to inform and build a strategy and engagement plan that optimizes your relationships.

When you partner with Snowfish, you partner with a true pioneer in stakeholder strategy and engagement planning. You also join the ranks of clients such as Sanofi, AstraZeneca, Otsuka, Regeneron and CooperVision who have deemed our results superior to other solutions.

“I have done five KOL identification and mapping projects with various vendors. Yours is the only one I regularly use.”
VP of Marketing
Sanofi Aventis

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