Snowfish is uniquely positioned to provide executive decision makers with critical insights. Our consultants are experts in the most vital aspects of life science product marketing. Our ability to integrate multiple facets including science, clinical, business and policy. Our insights are instrumental in shaping new product planning, commercial strategy, medical affairs strategy, lifecycle management, brand planning, portfolio management and companion product/service strategy. Our approach offers our clients clear visibility into the best way to approach the market.

What is Market Landscape Assessment?

Billions of dollars and countless years are invested to innovate new treatments. Coupled with increasing pressures on the industry to speed up new developments, and at the same time to decrease their costs, life sciences companies must decide rather quickly whether to go ahead or abandon a product idea. By leveraging insights from internal and clinical experts, trends, technical feasibility and modeling. companies can make these “go/no-go” decisions more quickly and efficiently...Read More

Why analyze the stakeholder landscape?

We all talk about the importance of “stakeholders” in product success and the need to build a network. This is easier said than done. Indeed an effective stakeholder network goes well beyond the obvious. Additionally, understanding the role that each stakeholder group plays in a particular market and the individuals within it is critical to ensuring a company or product’s acceptance into that market …Read More

Why master the Advocacy Group landscape?

Whether it is clinical guideline endorsement, policy development, educational programs or creating widespread awareness, Advocacy Groups are critical players. While it goes without saying that life science companies should cultivate strong relationships, a one-size-fits-all approach is not the way to go. It leads to multiple dead ends and hours of wasted timeRead More


What is SmartMap™ KOL Identification and Mapping?

What is SmartMap™ KOL Identification and Mapping?

Identifying the most impactful key opinion leaders (KOLs) can have a significant impact on the success of your product.The best method to ensure that only the highest value KOLs are involved in your collaboration efforts, is not always obvious. Our time-tested approach to KOL targeting and profiling blends sophisticated analytics combined with solid disease state and market understanding...Read More


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