Month: June 2022

A.I in Life Science: Evaluating Potential Partnerships
June 17, 2022 Blog Post Snowfish

Efficiency is the name of the game these days in the life sciences. With drug development being an arduous and costly endeavor, companies are looking to speed up and simplify the process by utilizing A.I in life science.  According to the Financial Times, “start-ups promising to use artificial intelligence to transform drug development are raising

How a Recession Impacts The Life Sciences
June 13, 2022 Blog Post Snowfish

With inflation rapidly accelerating, worries persist that the economy is headed for a recession. Big Tech has already either frozen or drastically curtailed hiring, leaving many left to wonder how other industries will be impacted.  Life sciences, like plumbing or consumer staples, possess a unique quality in that it has a constant demand. People are

Cannabis Use Disorder – Evaluating The Market Opportunity
June 7, 2022 Blog Post Snowfish

With the advent of legalized marijuana in some states, rates of a relatively little known condition called cannabis use disorder (CUD) have risen. According to research cited by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), CUD affects between 10 and 30% of cannabis users.  The American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostics and Statistical Manual of

Stakeholder Advocacy and Profiling – Taking a Page From Game Theory
June 1, 2022 Blog Post Snowfish

Partnering with stakeholder and advocacy groups operates as a kind of economic signaling  borrowing from Game Theory. Signaling in economics is when a sender transmits a message to a receiver but the message usually has nothing to do with the information the sender has.  My college professor regularly cites the typical beer commercial as an