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Managing the coronavirus threat: It takes collaboration
February 5, 2020 Blog Post Snowfish

The Threat of Coronavirus In 1918, 50-100 million people around the world succumbed to the “Spanish Flu” (that’s more human lives than we lost in WWI). As the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) takes hold, there are many concerned that this virus could have a similar impact if not greater. Recall in 1918, rapid transmission of this

Healthcare 411: MACRA — A physician payment model for the millennium
January 16, 2020 Blog Post Snowfish

As children, we remember hearing that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” While this Welsh proverb may not be based on scientific evidence, it was meant to remind us to do what we can to remain healthy. In today’s MACRA physician payment model, it’s closer to the truth than ever before as clinicians

Healthcare 411: Accountable Care Organizations
December 4, 2019 Blog Post Snowfish

The most effective accountable care organizations, or ACOs, in 2019 are leaders in innovation and communication. They are assuming downside risk, and the model is paying off in better care for lower cost for some of our most vulnerable patient populations. Sure. I’ll take two? What are ACOs and where did they come from? ACOs

Healthcare 411: ICER
December 4, 2019 Blog Post Snowfish

Health care spending in the United States is increasing faster than the gross domestic product. This trend is obviously neither preferable nor sustainable. And all players are on board for solutions. All players also want a system in which consumers receive the best available options for care, one that prioritizes growth and innovation. Founded in

The Power Network: Intersection of KOLs, Advocacy, and Social Media
October 9, 2019 Blog Post Snowfish

The life science industry is on a never-ending quest to engage the right stakeholder network. While most healthcare executives already realize the need for identifying and mapping clinical key opinion leaders (KOLs), many are missing the fact that this is only a small piece of the integrated network that is critical to engage. In fact,

Patient KOLs?
September 24, 2019 Blog Post Snowfish

The world is becoming more connected and consumers now have virtually limitless access to medical information. Social platforms have opened up a form of peer to peer communication that until relatively recently, was reserved only for health care professionals. The empowered patient provides a unique opportunity for forward thinking life science companies. Patients are now

Medical Cannabis: Leveraging the Groundswell of Support
August 26, 2019 Blog Post Snowfish

It’s “high” time pharma executives embrace the promise of legal cannabis products. They hold much promise, therapeutically and economically. Failure to do so can lead to profits and industry jobs going up in smoke. Cannabis products or marijuana (recreational or medical) sales are legal only in particular U.S. states, not nationally. Nonetheless, about 85% of Americans support

A Single-payer System: What is in Store?
July 30, 2019 Blog Post Snowfish

A revolution is afoot and the disrupting waves are influencing all sectors. The mystery is how all of this will play out on the national stage.  A recent survey by Reuters shows that close to 70% of Americans are in favor of the single-payer health care compared to the current system. Per Bernie Sanders, US

Stopping the “Rebate Trap”: Senator Grassley’s Legislative Goals for Reducing US Drug Prices
July 18, 2019 Blog Post Snowfish

Just last week, the Trump administration delivered some surprising news. One of their flagship promises, to remove drug rebates related to Medicare and Medicaid, was being shelved. An array of reasons cited ranged from risk of higher insurance premiums to a potential upheaval of the entire system. This is all part of the continuing debate

Gene Therapy Commercial Challenges: Are We Ready?
July 16, 2019 Blog Post Snowfish

Nothing is more exciting in medicine today than cell and gene therapy (CGT). Not that long ago, it was considered science fiction that a patient’s own cells could actually be modified to fight disease. This is now possible and destined to radically alter a disease course. Being such a new therapy, there are a multitude