Data: Are You Using It As Effectively As You Could Be?

Data: Are You Using It As Effectively As You Could Be?
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There is a tremendous amount of data out there, are you using it to inform your product launches? Every life science professional is well aware of Rx data, ICD-10, CPT codes, and procedure volumes. They are also quite familiar with all the clinicians that focus on a disease state. The question is do you understand the landscape outside of these traditional metrics?

We have built a practice that involves using a multitude of non-traditional data inputs to inform and accelerate product launches. These can also be linked to the traditional metrics. In certain cases, we have used over a hundred different sources to inform decisions and increase product acceptance. Below is just a small sample of the diverse types of data that we have used from a multitude of sources.

U.S. Census DataAssociationsHospital RankingsCommunity Resources
Clinical Trial SitesPublic/Private PartnershipsSunshine Act DataGeriatric Emergency Departments
Nursing Home Minimum Data Set (MDS)Medicare 5 Star AdvantageMetropolitan Statistical Area DataVeterans Per Area
Income LevelSupport GroupsInvestigatorsNIH Grants
KOL DataCenters of ExcellenceMedicare ACOsCompetitive Product Data
Clinical Trial SponsorsHospital Infection RatesDomestic Violence GroupsInsurance Formulary Committee

This data can be used to provide insights that are unique and targeted for a particular product. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • What are the best areas to place clinical trial sites?
  • Which hospitals have high levels of infections rates that might be amenable to a new product?
  • What KOLs are working with various companies around which products?
  • Which is a leading center of excellence and which clinicians are associated with the institution?
  • What is the best professional society or patient advocacy group to work with around a given disease state?
  • What are the relevant support groups within 15 miles of a target area?

The questions that can be posed and the answers that may be gleaned will be vast if you are willing to simply move beyond the traditional tools.  So, I will close with are you leveraging all the tools in your bag?

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