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Stakeholder Advocacy and Profiling – Taking a Page From Game Theory
June 1, 2022 Blog Post Snowfish

Partnering with stakeholder and advocacy groups operates as a kind of economic signaling  borrowing from Game Theory. Signaling in economics is when a sender transmits a message to a receiver but the message usually has nothing to do with the information the sender has.  My college professor regularly cites the typical beer commercial as an

Stakeholders – The Long Game – Three Product Examples
January 5, 2022 Blog Post Snowfish

Every life science product exists within an ecosystem comprised of key stakeholders. Understanding and addressing the needs of these stakeholders demands an integrated approach. To meet this requirement, Snowfish has developed solutions to help aid therapy interest and uptake by optimizing engagement with three main groups: patients, clinicians, and medical/advocacy organizations on a global basis.

What is Stakeholder Analysis in Life Science? Why should you do it?
April 13, 2021 Blog Post Snowfish

“Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement are critical to the launch and staying power of your product.” You have heard that wisdom before, but on top of seven to nine phone calls a day and hours spent in meetings, you may not have time to complete a truly thorough Stakeholder Analysis. Still, you are bombarded with calls